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igniting team performance


 We believe in the power of people.

Our pitch is simple yet impactful: We design breakthrough performance management solutions to rev up your people engine, achieve peak results, and give you an edge over your competition.


Performance Feedback Tools

Easy to use quantitative and qualitative tools for managers and employees to engage in meaningful, real-time conversations.

Streamlined, Simple Solutions

Our straightforward solutions are designed to be easy to use, actionable, and an integral component of your people decisions.


Spot and reward top performers and combat mediocrity by addressing underperformance early. Make people decisions based on data, not drama.

A SparkWorks expert will connect with you to learn more about your objectives and how we can help.


The SparkWorks Way

Our objective: High-performing and engaged team members, with minimal performance disruptions or distractions. We focus on the people performance strategy, allowing you to focus on the business.

We pride ourselves on building a strong partnership with your team, designing a solution that is ready to implement. We do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes, involving you as needed and supporting you along the way.

Our easy-to-work-with consultants have decades of experience working in diverse industries and company sizes.

Some Of Our Clients

The SparkWorks team really helped drive alignment among our executive
team, pinpointing areas of agreement and bottlenecks, and clarifying how this impacts the overall team structure. We emerged from the process with more clarity on priorities and where to invest. Critically, we achieved consensus on where to focus and engage our talent as we pivot our business strategy. Their tough questions and probing insights
made this possible, and our team became stronger in the process.
— CEO of Hatch (formerly Belly)

Did we mention we love people?

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