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Bigger team, bigger dreams!
Lourdes Gonzalez, Our Management Development Architect

New peep, Lourdes Gonzalez, has joined the SparkWorks team as our Senior Management Development Architect!

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Build a Strategic Engine for Growth
4 Things You Won't Hear Successful HR Leaders Say
Learning Leadership
INFOGRAPH: 3 Reasons Why Your Corporate Values Matter
EVENT: SparkWorks CEO at Paylocity's 2017 Client Conference on 11/3
Can Strong Corporate Values Polish Off 5,000 Pizzas?
Q3 Newsletter
Making Moves with Procured Health

In this success story, Procured Health proactively realigned and codified their organizational values to mitigate any potential cultural issues throughout their rapid growth.

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Eat the Worm
4 Things You Won’t Hear Successful HR Leaders Say