Build a Strategic Engine for Growth


When your HR team gets your business, your business grows.

Wish your HR team delivered more value to your business? Then involve them in it. Too often the HR department is side-lined by pet projects, under-represented in the boardroom, or referred to as the department of "no."

Building strategic HR muscle and encouraging an advisory approach is a smart business decision, ensuring the dollars spent are directly aligned with business needs, and addressing your biggest investment- your people.

Here are 3 compelling business reasons my clients make the leap:

  1. Business line leaders can focus on profit when HR leaders focus on people. With business line insight and access, HR can proactively help your leaders recruit, build and develop a high performing team.   

  2. Trusted HR partnerships enable more business line agility.  For example, when it's time for a reorganization, you can act swiftly knowing you have a strong HR support system in place.

  3. HR becomes solution-oriented, innovating programs or initiatives to solve existing talent concerns or opportunities.  These HR pros understand how best to prioritize initiatives and resources to propel the business line forward.

I often hear from CEOs that their HR team “isn’t strategic” and doesn’t seem capable to make the pivot toward a strategic advisor role, but that is seldom the case. More often than not, I find that HR has been left out of the critical conversations around corporate growth strategy, key metrics, and priorities. And too, they need skill-building to engage in those crucial conversations.

The best approach is to not replace your current HR team with new people, but to teach them the new skills required for their new role in today’s business environment. The hard work is worth the payoff!


Catherine Malloy Cummings

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