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success story

Procured Health

By differentiating themselves amidst the rapidly changing healthcare tech industry, Procured Health reached a growth point that most small companies only dream. With a workforce three times larger than it was a couple years ago, Procured Health was confident they had identified the best and the brightest in the industry. With this kind of rapid growth, they wanted to proactively uphold their values to guide them in making business decisions and improving employee performance. After all, large growth spurts often incur large growing pains such as regrettable turnover. In order to circumvent potential cultural issues, they needed help codifying and clarifying their organizational values.

They understood the most important rule of corporate culture: if you do not set an intentional culture, with clarity around “how” work is approached in your company or team, it gets created for you. Further, if you don’t like what was created, changing that culture is both time consuming and costly.

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Procured Health's values in a podcast

How important are company values? Hani Elias, CEO of Procured Health, explains how codifying your company values not only gives a company meaning but having values front and center helps employees go through the process of making hard decisions with principles to guide them.  Click here to take a listen!


Unveiling of our new website

A lot of blood, sweat and collaboration went into the makeover of our new website.  As the face of our business, we hope it brings clarity as to who we are and what we do for you!


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