Lourdes Gonzalez, Our Management Development Architect


What better way to kick off the new year than with a bigger team with bigger dreams?  It’s with much admiration that we welcome Lourdes Gonzalez the SparkWorks team!  She has joined with high aspirations to build a learning community that will create meaningful impact for progressive companies.  Her vision to leverage the Management Intensive is igniting the kickoff to our new year.


Why she’s amazing

Her day always starts with music, in the way most do with coffee.  Her passions for new experiences and diverse perspectives complement her love for reading, films, short story writing, and of course, people.  She is often found with her head in a book and traversing the deep corners of our planet.  Some adventures from her bucket list include venturing to Seychelles and riding the Orient Express.


And super accomplished

From an early age of 12, Lourdes ignited her thriving career with a short story award in her hometown of Mexico City.  Through the years, her distinguished background at BP, hospitality, and Fintech industries has built a deep understanding of leadership development and strategic change management.  Her accomplishments include a Fast Company magazine feature of her work aligning talent development for W Hotels and leading very successful new culture efforts for a business unit with 3000 leaders in 32 countries.  It is thus that she’s finally made it to SparkWorks as her intellectual curiosity sought the opportunity to do some more true impactful work.


What she’s going to be doing with us

Her main focus right now is to refine the Management Intensive  we’ve procured and deliver it to you.  Her specialties in talent development and culture transformation will translate in crafting  creative learning solutions for managers.

With the collaboration of her enthusiasm and our team’s dedication to making this our year, SparkWorks is proud to be growing our team and building our impact.



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