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Manager Training for the Modern Learner


Manager Training for the Modern Learner

tailored for new(ish) managers

Management Insights

Spring has sprung and Management Insights is in full bloom. We’ve created a modern solution to equip your managers and build your organizational health.

Management Insights offers either an online or in-person experience to develop managers with the skills they need to guide their teams.

All about Management Insights


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How would you describe SparkWorks at a party?

"SparkWorks is like a cup of coffee.  It’s warm and cozy, strong and homey.  It prepares you for the day, to be resilient for anything that will come your way.  It’s got that special taste and little spark that helps you be the best you."

PS. we've got a plant named Cholula

new peep

Christine Herrman, new Strategic Talent & Culture Consultant

Our SparkWorks dream team is growing!  We're proud to announce our newest member, Christine Herrman.  Cheers to Christine and the adventures to come!

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featured on our blog

Building Your Intentional Culture

"Rarely do I meet the CEO and head of HR who have taken the painstaking (and worthwhile) time to answer the critical questions about the organizational culture they intend to set."  What are your answers to these three imperative questions?

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happy birthday to us

8 Things We Learned the Hard Way

SparkWorks recently turned four and the team threw a surprise birthday party, complete with a London Buck (the team's drink of choice).  We have an office plant and are looking official with company engraved Moleskines.  You may hate them, love them, or even ignore them, but these eight findings are how we’ve managed to thrive and be adaptable.
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