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Turnover is Tricky


Winning over your retained team is an essential task.  And sometimes that's not enough.

A professional services firm’s senior leadership team recently decided they needed to “raise the bar” and address both under-performance and disruptive behavior.  The results: 1) involuntary turnover of 25% of the team; 2) brutal Glassdoor reviews; 3) upset clients.
Hired to identify ideas to bolster employee retention and engagement, we’ve partnered with our client on three key areas to get them back on track—fast.

  1. Add precision and rigor to the interview and selection process. We’ve prepared interviewers to assess both technical aptitude and culture fit. Make good decisions at the outset- it pays dividends.

  2. Build management acumen, especially feedback skills. It turned out most of their messages about poor performance or unprofessionalism had been clear as mud. We want their team to know where they stand, and not be fearful they're "next".

  3. Rebuild trust within the organization, creating clarity and a more solutions-focused organization, with an aligned senior leadership team.

When your competitive advantage is the strong relationships you’ve built with clients/ customers, reliability and dependability is essential.  High turnover has a high cost, and it’s avoidable with management expertise and alignment.