Whether emerging from a corporate restructure, preparing to quickly scale the team to meet high growth demands, or readying the company for challenges ahead, SparkWorks swiftly diagnoses gaps and builds strategies to ensure your HR team adds measurable value to the bottom line.  With the right plan in place, your HR and management practices can drive growth with practical solutions to attract, develop and retain the talent you need to succeed.



TalentBeam shines a spotlight on your intentional company culture-- naming, affirming or rebooting the cultural traits that make your organization thrive.  It is a unique selling point as an employer, making you a compelling place to work, and helping you win the war for talent.  In short, your TalentBeam lights the way to a workplace that works.


SparkPulse is an organizational health assessment.  We consider the entire people strategy of a company- what’s working, missing or simply missing the mark.  We then develop novel and innovative prioritized solutions, unique to your situation, to accelerate your growth and build organizational health.


Turnover ✹ Selecting Talent ✹ Building Teams ✹ Performance Management ✹ Employee Communication

Leadership Transition ✹ Organizational Restructure ✹ Rapid Grow

“We worked with Catherine on a TalentBeam
project and had her lead a management training
workshop for our leadership team. I can’t
speak more highly about the work she did for
us as we are very happy with the outcome of
both initiatives. Catherine’s experience on the
business side, along with her human resources
expertise, really strengthens the perspective she
can bring to the table. She challenged our team
as needed in a very graceful, thought-provoking
and professional manner and helped us get to
a better outcome by bringing in her external
perspective. If you are a fast-growing company
like Procured Health, and are in need of finding
someone to help you define your talent vision,
I would highly recommend Catherine!”
— Libby R., Director of Talent, Lumeer (formerly Procured Health)

For more information, please reach out to catherine@sparkworkstalent.com