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Management Development (Archived)

Flipping the script from traditional management training


tailored to every skill level: from brand new manager to high potential leader and reigniting the spark of more tenured leaders

Management Initiation

Our innovative development solution is a standalone byte-sized interactive online learning modules for first-time or untrained managers to acquire or refine essential people management skills. 

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as a manager, we play many roles in directing our people  

This program integrates individual modules that highlight the different roles of a manager delivered through eLearning with engaging activities, challenges, discussion boards, and virtual coaching.  We add the human touch with live webinar-based discussions that drive engagement and meet the modern day learner in the office, at a hotel, or on the go.


(includes four core modules)

1.  Workplace Cultivator
The best leaders are those who are able to recognize how they are consciously and subconsciously impacting the workplace.  This role brings understanding to the difference between managing and supervising, including what it means to be a positive workplace cultivator.

2.  Talent Magnet
To become result-oriented, managers will learn the styles of motivating their  team and employees to drive desired outcomes inspiring their talent.

3.  Talent Coach
Walking the line as a mentor and a coach can be a difficult balance for any manager to endeavor.  This role focuses on a manager’s ability to draw clarity through goal-setting and effective feedback as the first step to become a true coach.

4.  Communicator
This role includes one of our secret sparks to build efficacy as a manager.  It’s as simple yet powerful as promoting accountability by hosting effective meetings.


(includes eight core modules)

5.  Problem Solver
This role focuses on managing and mitigating team conflicts as a means to give teams a competitive edge in adaptability and performance efficiency.

6.  Results Driver
The core to being a successful team is the ability to churn out results.  If we are only as strong as our weakest link, then our success is contingent on a manager’s ability to energize each and every team member.  This role focuses on performance management and how to pull up underperformers.

7.  Achiever
Team effectiveness is nonexistent if employees are not aware of the particular role they place.  This role focuses on delegation skills.

8.  Architect
There are many different aspects that go into bringing high potential and solid  players together.  This role shows managers the skills to build and engage teams that drive results through people.


Management Intensive

We are high touch with our clients so we will meet with you before, mid-point, and after our Management Intensive to share progress, insights, and ensure we focus on the right learning outcomes that matter to your company’s DNA.


how it works

Intensive in-person sessions over several weeks with additional online learning, 1:1 coaching and guided peer learning experiences. 

We then leverage these key components and do a deep dive into the practical application for managing their teams:

1. Hiring the right talent for the job

2, Addressing under-performers

3. Providing effective feedback

4. Having difficult conversations

5. Managing across generations

6. Motivating and energizing teams

7. Delivering results through high performance standards

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successful leaders define, align, and refine your culture

These highly impactful and cost-effective programs will give them the standardized skills and tools for a more consistent and cohesive work culture.  Our technology, in-person guidance and virtual coaching enable managers to apply what they learned immediately with their teams. They are experiential programs that will transform your people from being someone's boss to becoming a workplace cultivator.

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the age of the sage on the stage is dead

All our solutions include carefully crafted opportunities for learning reinforcement to ensure key concepts are applied in the real "day-to-day" job and training truly sticks as an ongoing experience.

Additional Management Development Solutions:

Management Insights

This in-person guided learning journey will help managers become more capable and confident as they carry out their critical role as people leaders strengthening the health of the organization, engagement of their direct reports, and business results.  This program consists of two five-hour sessions delivered in person infused with experiential activities and peer discussions.

Management Inspiration

Our FiveSparks model reignites tenured managers to transform themselves from someone's boss to workplace cultivators, inspiring super-charged people to deliver high results.