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Igniting Team Performance


We are talent visionaries, igniting people power in small companies with big plans. We prepare leaders for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

SparkWorks® helps you pinpoint, diagnose and address what’s getting in the way of profitable and scalable growth.  For some, that may mean defining and honing your employee value proposition. For others, it may mean creating a stronger leadership team. Whatever the situation, we work with you to create an intentional talent strategy and build the framework for future success.

Successful executive leaders understand that having a strong, well-oiled team makes everything run more smoothly - decisions are made faster, mutual trust skyrockets, the benefit of the doubt is earned, and setbacks are met with fierce resilience. If your human capital strategy is clear, growing pains aren’t so very painful after all.

Companies thrive when their leadership clearly defines and articulates “how” things should operate in the organization, including those special qualities employees are expected to bring to the job every day.  When your intentional culture is actualized, the people you hire and retain become a key part of your competitive advantage, and it becomes easier to differentiate your business from your talent competitors.  

Achieving your intentional corporate culture requires intention, alignment, planning and diligence to ensure you’re on the right path.  




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How We Work

Tailored to the needs of each organization, we catalyze the change needed to either create, define, or actualize the desired team culture that leads to achieving breakthrough success.  


Craft Your TalentBeam™

The foundation of every successful talent strategy starts with a unique, strongly defined set of employee values and career value proposition-- what we at SparkWorks call a TalentBeam.

Management Development

We build management acumen with leaders at every level, whether they’re the CEO of an entrepreneurial venture that’s growing out of control, or they are brand new to being the boss.  

Team Performance

Understand your team’s workstyles and drive toward strategic and priority alignment, unleashing breakthrough success.  


Who We Work With

Our clients are typically in either growth-surge mode, needing an external perspective on their side, or are in search of insights to reboot how everything is accomplished. Organizations often come to us when experiencing rapid team growth, unwanted turnover or tough workplace culture feedback.

Our clients include

  • Small and Medium-sized Businesses
  • Venture Capital Backed start-up Businesses
  • Financial Services, Technology and Non-Profit-minded Businesses




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Did we forget to mention that we love people?  We’re enthused to hear from you and learn more about how we can add a spark to your team. 

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