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We are high touch with our clients so we will meet with you before, mid-point, and after our solutions to share progress, insights, and ensure we focus on the right learning outcomes that matter to your company’s DNA.


Leadership Development ✹

Leadership is a skill that must be cultivated.  Through innovative, interactive workshops, we help clients build their employees’ leadership acumen on every level.  Our leadership development solutions include carefully crafted opportunities for learning reinforcement to ensure key concepts are applied in the real "day-to-day" job and training truly sticks as an ongoing experience.

Programs include:

Management Initiation, online piece for newer managers

Management Insights, in-person piece for newer managers

Management Intensive, in-person and virtual blend for intermediate managers

Management Inspiration, in-person reignition for tenured managers

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TalentBeam ✹

TalentBeam shines a spotlight on your intentional company culture-- naming, affirming or rebooting the cultural traits that make your organization thrive.  It is a unique selling point as an employer, making you a compelling place to work, and helping you win the war for talent.  In short, your TalentBeam lights the way to a workplace that works.


Whether emerging from a corporate restructure, preparing to quickly scale the team to meet high growth demands, or readying the company for challenges ahead, SparkWorks swiftly diagnoses gaps and builds strategies to ensure your HR team adds measurable value to the bottom line.

SparkPulse ✹

SparkPulse is an organizational health assessment.  We consider the entire people strategy of a company- what’s working, missing or simply missing the mark.  We then develop novel and innovative prioritized solutions, unique to your situation, to accelerate your growth and build organizational health.

Executive and Team Retreats ✹

We partner with you to re-energize executives and teams by creating an internal bond that's hard to come by in the office, improving cross-departmental collaboration, and aligning organizational goals.