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We take things farther for small and medium-sized businesses.


Craft Your TalentBeam™

Build a powerful, durable employee value proposition that leads to profitable growth.


Smart CEOs their executive team know that successful organizational growth hinges on the overall strength of the team and employee culture. But it’s also important to take a step back and define your intentional employee value proposition - or what we at SparkWorks call your “TalentBeam.”

Your TalentBeam shines a spotlight on your intentional company culture-- naming, affirming or rebooting the cultural traits that make your organization thrive.  Your TalentBeam creates your unique selling point as an employer, making you a compelling place to work, and helping you win the war for talent.  In short, your TalentBeam lights the way to a workplace that works.


    Your TalentBeam will yield

    1. Clearly defined core values to lay the foundation of your intentional workplace culture and serve as your talent differentiator
    2. Team members come together with a shared purpose and commitment to delivering superior performance
    3. Confidence in key talent retention-- your best and brightest are engaged in and contribute to the culture
    4. Job candidates seek you out by reputation
    5. Team members are well-trained and prepared for growth
    6. Open, ongoing performance feedback and development builds a powerful talent engine
    7. Managers assume more responsibility and engage team members
    8. Robust and trusted employee communication becomes the foundation for your organizational growth and change


    Management Development Program

    Successful leaders must define, align and refine your culture.


    You’re in management and leading others. Maybe you’re leading an entrepreneurial venture that’s growing out of control, or you’re brand new to being the boss. Or maybe you’ve been managing people for awhile but you could use a fresh perspective on how to lead your team.

    Your workplace culture is a product of a million small interactions.  To facilitate a positive growth environment and collaborative workplace, your leaders need to establish the foundation for your employees to trust and believe in. We work with your leadership to build self-awareness and skill to do just that, leading to organizational health.  

    Leaders who work with us stop making excuses for what’s off track and take accountability for influencing the situation or results. They learn that they have the power, influence and responsibility to make the needed changes to drive their team’s performance. We provide a one-of-a-kind, hands-on laboratory environment for learners to gain self-awareness, experiment and practice how to select and lead other super-charged people. We provide an intense, humbling and rewarding deep dive into how you lead with the right people following you.


    The FiveSparks Methodology

    Our model for organizational health for clients, the Five Sparks, prepares leaders at every level to understand current state, boost team performance and navigate change. These elements set a standard for leadership acumen by eliminating ambiguity, focusing efforts and bolstering teams.

    Built on a foundation of trust, we arm your leaders with the tools and insights to confidently lead their team and contribute to your workplace culture. 



    Team Performance

    Achieve breakthrough success.


    The dynamic components that make up a team are a critical part of your workplace culture and performance.  When your team is good, you feel unbeatable and capable of accomplishing the biggest challenges.

    We synchronize both individual and collective work styles and priorities to catalyze your team and drive results.  Working with team members to understand their point of view and what makes them tick, we gain team traction by crystallizing what’s working well, surfacing what isn’t, and asking the tough questions-- and demanding resolution.  Team growing pains can be hard, but we make sure it doesn’t hurt.  

    We devise forums that are for teams looking for an energetic boost and facilitators who will make certain the most important conversations are taking place. This includes working with teams ready to agree on how the team should be working together, tackle difficult conversations, prioritize activity and make tough choices on the way forward.



    Here are some examples of how we ignite teams at a variety of stages

    • New leadership teams gelling, gaining alignment on their role, team norms, strategic direction, priorities and purpose.  We help your team align their priorities as a means to unleash their true potential and achieve result-driven goals to optimize their workplace performance.
    • Teams adapting to times of growth or lots of change
    • Teams currently missing the mark, falling behind on deliverables or there’s unnecessary and unhelpful drama on the team
    • Many new team members, with a need to build trust, gain clarity and create standards of excellence to drive results.