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Tackle unwanted turnover

$1.5 billion technology company, undergoing rapid growth while dealing with high, unwanted turnover.  Through our discovery, we uncovered many new hires were  technically qualified but lacked cultural fit, causing team disruption.  Hiring managers were selecting people they liked, rather than seeking evidence the candidate would thrive in their culture.

Our Solution: Introduced more precision and rigor to the hiring process, prepared interviewers to ask good questions and make better hiring decisions.  Created clear hiring selection criteria and enhanced focus on cultural fit.
  • Created interview competency areas based on recently refreshed corporate values
  • Authored 200+ customized behavioral interview questions and supporting follow up questions for interviewers' use, with assessment criteria enabling interviewers to easily identify the difference between poor, good and great answers.



CEO seeking a clearly defined and intentional work culture

Healthcare technology company, with 100 employees, 70 had been hired in the past year. The co-founders were deeply interested in codifying those team member traits which fueled their success so far, to foster their continued health, aggressive growth.

Our Solution: TalentBeam. Working with the executive team and gaining input from the entire organization, we honed in on those attributes that set their team members apart from their talent competitors -- and se the foundation for how they hire, promote, compensate, and develop their team.
  • Leveraged online survey tools to gain immediate insights to the values most resonant with the organization
  • Interviewed and challenged executive leadership team members to create a durable talent framework focused on the future needs of the organization
  • Facilitated numerous employee focus groups and executive leadership team meetings to ideate alternatives and sharpen language
  • Drove consensus among alternatives, surfacing disconfirming points of view and gaining alignment on selected values to serve as the baseline for the intentional work culture


New CEO, reinventing strategy and culture

SaaS technology company with significant venture capital investment.  New CEO, recent 30% staff downsizing, additional leadership changes imminent and investor dissatisfaction.

Our Solution: Partnering with the incoming CEO and newly hired COO, forged alignment on 6-month game plan to immediately pivot and rebuild organizational health.  
  • Facilitated executive team offsite planning meeting to define and align around mission, vision and key strategies
  • Delivered multiple management workshops to build acumen and organizational health
  • Designed and implemented a modernized and rigorous performance management process
  • Created organizational design options for use during leadership transitions
  • Conducted leadership assessments and provided input into organizational changes



Organizational culture needed a reboot

Large non-profit, emerging from a recent leadership transition and adapting to new expectations. CEO deeply concerned about organizational health given high turnover and low employee engagement scores.

Our Solution: Partnered with the CEO and leadership team, conducted robust discovery process to learn the root issues driving unwanted turnover and distrust in the organization.
  • Facilitated multiple focus groups and interviews across the organization to gain context for responses to the engagement survey
  • Partnered with the Leadership Team to create team clarity and purpose, role definition and alignment on objectives
  • Conducted 360 reviews and individual leader coaching to build self-awareness and capabilities