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Who we are

Talent visionaries on a mission



SparkWorks is on a mission to create and catalyze teams in small and medium-sized businesses.We prepare leaders for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

With a primary office in the heart of Chicago, we started in 2014 to inspire accelerated learning for businesses to be more human while fully leveraging their team’s promise to be their competitive advantage.



why we're good


The SparkWorks team comes with decades of leadership and executive experience, from a broad spectrum of industries, geographies and company sizes.  We’ve served in various HR exec roles, or have been on the other side of the table, as an executive and HR stakeholder.  We pride ourselves on quickly capturing a company’s DNA -- what makes them tick and what fuels their success -- and what may be getting in their way. 

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what makes us different: we BELIEVE in the power of people

the FiveSparks Framework

Our model for organizational health, the FiveSparks, prepares leaders at every level to understand current state, boost team performance, and navigate change. These elements set a standard for leadership acumen by eliminating ambiguity, focusing efforts, and bolstering teams.

Built on a foundation of trust, we arm managers with the tools and insights to confidently lead their team and positively contribute to your workplace culture.

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a learning community


of small and medium-sized businesses

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To stay ahead of the curve, we develop managers who can motivate and optimize their team to do more than they thought possible


our values

1. Be passionate about client success

2. Challenge the status quo

3. Innovate tailored and imaginative solutions

4. Solve for the root cause

5. Laugh


learning that sticks!


our clients

1. Gearing up for a period of rapid growth but are not certain where to focus first (and then next)

2. Dealing with an overly tactical talent approach, that's not integrating to the overall business strategy

3. Managing increasing regrettable turnover, and aren't sure how to stop it let alone reverse it